Trifle in my eyes

The man himself, Seth

If you’ve never met me before, I advise you to caution yourself. I am like a kipper that has been left out of the fridge overnight and has started to pong. Just exclude the pong part. You will get to know me over the course of the next few blogs, in which I will explain the origins of my personality. I do feel as if I am sat here talking to you and we know each other already from a previous life. Perhaps we were both on an episode of The Chase?

The ‘Manisethto’

Obviously not taking a political view stance this early on in the blogging game – that would be social media suicide! I will set out what I hope to achieve with you whilst I type away, never forgetting that the only reason I am doing this is to improve my blogging skills for an English Language A level. Pretend you didn’t hear that last bit… I want:

  • You to come away from these blogs feeling like a banana out of it’s peel
  • You to picture myself reading these blogs to you, whilst you rest in a hammock tied between two giant chocolate fingers in Bradford upon Avon
  • You to realise that my way of writing makes no sense, yet should provide you with useless information that will resonate with you
  • You to remember my face.

Trifle in my eyes

Many years ago I was born. I won’t release personal information, but ‘Hi’ to all those cyber-people out there!

The fascination with sugary confectionaries came from a young age, I can even recall eating chocolate fingers whilst having a boogie in front of the TV whilst the BBC News theme tune was blasting out. Savoury snacks were always a step behind, according to my palate. However, I knew my pink wafer from my garibaldi, and my sausage roll from my pork & egg gala. That was determination at the age of 5.

One sugary dessert always stood out from the crowd of cakes. That was the trifle. A slimy concoction, and the one that was always debated over whether it was a cake or a pudding. Aside from the heated debate however, trifle was and still is in my eyes the best food type ever! The perfect match of jelly, custard and cream (not forgetting the ‘lady’s fingers’ – not a euphemism) works a treat. Hence why the trifle, in my opinion, tops any chart relating to sugary confectionaries classed as either a cake or a pudding.

That is just one story I have to tell, out of about 875. Strap yourselves in, it’s going to be a VERY long journey. (My signing off will also be talked about, you’re just getting to know it all!)

By the way, the photo has no relevance. Seth Dellow, signing out for the count the Duke orsino.


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