Just cut to The Chase

Personality knocks

The most common question I get asked is ‘Why do you have a weird/whacky/peculiar/different personality?’ Of course, the signified slashes show that no one has ever said all of those words at the same time. That would just be ‘wheirculiarifferent’ (Pronounced Wh-eer-culiar-rifferent). Lovely neologism.

I digress, however from independent thought provoking time spent with my good old brain, I have come to the conclusion that this ‘personality’, which everyone seems to comment on, started from a very young age. The main element, being my sense of humour, vegetated itself into my persona when I went strawberry picking for the first time in my existence. This experience was interesting as I was around 6, and the fantasy of picking fruit was now a reality. The content of this story is that as I was picking the fruit, minding my own business, an extremely large jumbo jet flew very, VERY close to where I was. (I realise this is surreal as well, do keep an open mind!). My instinctive reaction was to jump into the strawberry vines. It turned out the plane was not as close as I thought… It was, however, the first time people found something I had done hilarious – the start of my humours futuristic intentions.

My personality is obviously made up of many sections, I do not have enough time to talk about them all. I will, for you, answer the one section which is probably regarded as my main personality. Surrealism. This stems from Art at secondary school. Funnily enough, the aspect of Surrealism came from my passion for Salvador Dali. The quirky innocence of having two objects, such as a telephone and a lobster put together made my imagination run wild. Of course, now it has been many years since the days of Art, however the surrealism still plays a major role in my personality.

I will be back next Wednesday again with another part of my life. But for now, Seth Dellow, signing out for the count the Duke orsino.


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