A ‘Caramelised croak’

Time flies, like pigeons. Unsurprisingly. 

My nan always said ‘time is of the essence’ – she’s dead now. Despite her phrase ringing through my ear every time I have had a near death experience, I realise that she had been right all along. It is only a matter of time before you pop on, therefore try to achieve as much as you can before the final day smacks you in the face like a haddock.

The role model of my entire life, Salvador Dali, (seriously, if you do not know who he is please research him!) had a clear fascination with time. The famed ‘melting clocks’ painting depicts time slowly disappearing, something which everyone will be experiencing at the time of reading this. And that is the intriguing thing. You will have wasted approximately 29.62 seconds of your whole entire life to reading just that first part of the blog! However, ask yourself whether it was a good 29.62 seconds of reading? I think it was.

Of course, you may prefer to listen to my voice. Sometimes described as a ‘by the fire’ voice, or a ‘caramelised croak’ voice, you can be sure that it will make conversations a true royalty to listen to. Pair time and my voice together, and you get something remarkable. Something truly desirable. A voice like no other – something which I had to publicise last year. Again taking into account the famous words of my nan, (RIP my sweetheart), the realisation that I had wasted 15 years of my life hit me like a piano from above last year. Therefore, I acted upon this, and used a personal experience of mine to share with the world my voice and story. All in the name of time. And my nan.

Citizens of Somerset may have become accustomed to hearing the name ‘Seth Dellow’ or even the voice of mine reverberating out of radios and speakers across the county. That is besides the point, as I know you are itching to hear my radio appearance on BBC Somerset last year. Therefore, you can spend another 6 minutes and 36 seconds of your precious time in life dedicated to listening to my speech. Here is the link: Seth and the Caramelised Croak listening experience

Of course, the radio clip will be alien to you in the sense I have not explained the personal experience upon this blog. However, by using your sacred time listening you will have gained a large portion of knowledge for next weeks blog… A little bit of homework if you like! Shoutout to Jacob Tyson from the English class, and I wonder if Thom will have managed to read this far… (He is the English teacher). But for now, Seth Dellow, signing out for the count the Duke orsino.




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